Municipal and Commercial Recycling


"Generations of Recycling Preserving Our Resources For Generations to Come"
Atlantic Coast Fibers, LLC has a proud history beginning over 80 years ago.  The Riviello family started Rivsec Recycling in the 1930’s.  They later changed their name to Atlantic Coast Fibers, Inc. in the 1980’s.  Gaccione Brothers Recycling also was started in the 1930’s.  For many years the two operated independently, but each succeeded with distinct niches in the Recycling Industry.

In 1998 the two companies were merged together through a buyout by KTI Recycling.  One year later (1999) KTI Recycling was acquired by Casella Waste Systems and was merged into their FCR division.  Both originating families remained in the business, and grew Atlantic Coast Fibers, Inc. to even greater heights.  Unfortunately, FCR and Casella Waste were uncomfortable operating in the very competitive Northern New Jersey marketplace.  Casella offered to sell the business back to the original owners in 2003, and Atlantic Coast Fibers, LLC was born.

Our customer base includes Municipalities, printers and commercial entities.  We have been serving the marketplace continuously for over 80 years.  Headquartered in Passaic, NJ, our 100,000 square foot facility, which is set on five acres, is centrally and conveniently located to service the North East Region.

Our Brokerage Division markets recyclables across the entire US, and moves materials all over the world.  We operate a modern fleet of transportation vehicles, and our processing equipment is state-of-the-art comparable to the best anywhere in the world.  This combination allows us to offer markets, services and professionalism to our customers that most of our competitors cannot match.

Atlantic Coast Fibers, LLC is currently operated by its five owners who are all in the 3rd or 4th generation of the business. These owners, each running different aspects of the business, create a perfect team in which to accommodate from the largest to the smallest of our accounts. With our team you are guaranteed to deal with an owner who provides the utmost honesty and integrity to all.

Recently we have been pleased to announce our association with Allan and Larry Zozzaro.  The Zozzaro family has a long history and tradition in recycling in New Jersey and the surrounding area.  For over 70 years their family operated Zozzaro Bros. Recycling in Clifton, NJ.  Their facility in Clifton was unique, and was considered the most efficient recycling facility in the United States.  Their building was only 30,000 square feet, yet they processed between 700 and 1,000 tons of fiber alone, during one shift.  There is no other facility today that processes that much material in such a small building.

Together with Larry and Allan we have designed and developed one of the most automated facilities in the world for processing commingled containers and single stream recyclables.  Through the use of the world’s most advanced automated equipment, we have the ability to handle 30,000 to 40,000 tons per month of commingled containers and single stream recyclables, in addition to our other facility in an adjoining building where our paper, including high grades, mixed paper and cardboard are processed.